Not only are lavender fields colorful and fragrant, lavender is drought resistant, deer resistant, and an excellent erosion control. Friends of the Earth Lavender has over 45 years experience in organic landscaping. We’ll plant an organic lavender farm on your estate full turnkey,- including soil preparation, irrigation, and planting.

                                                                              – Yiannis Kalapothakos, Owner

Lavandin Essential Oil Information:

Lavandin essential oil is extracted from the lavandula X intermedia (also known as L. hybrids and L. hortensis) of the Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family. Lavandin works especially well for relieving joint pain, and muscle stiffness. Lavandin essential oil is often used to treat cough, cold, and flu symptoms.  Moreover, it is beneficial for those suffering from circulatory and respiratory problems.  

Essential oils are often mixed together depending on customers wants and needs.  It is helpful to note that lavandin blends particulary well with bergamot, citronella, cinnamon, sage,  patchouli, rosemary, thyme, and  jasmine essential oils.   


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